The Bridge Pointe Advantage

Bridge Pointe’s professional administration extends far past the processing and payment of medical claims. Our experienced team provides support services to ensure our clients are making the best use of their funds, and that means extending the value of your settlement funds.

Including the requisite reporting and coordination of primary payer benefits during periods of temporary or permanent exhaustion, in order to protect yourMedicare benefits.


We work with the injured person’s other health insurance benefits, including Medicare, Medicaid and private group health insurance policies.


We provide prompt and accurate processing and payment of medical claims in accordance with Medicare Secondary Payer compliance rules and regulations.


We leverage our buying power as a professional administrator to attain significant discounts on prescription drugs for our members, resulting in considerable savings.


Our network of durable medical equipment (DME) and medical supply vendors give Bridge Pointe members discounts on items like catheters and wheelchairs.