MSP Debit Card

Welcome to Bridge Pointe’s Medical Savings Program

Bridge Pointe’s MSP debit card is a free pharmacy and medical debit card that provides discounts for injury-related Medicare covered drugs and tracks medical expense for greater ease.

All medical spending is available at your fingertips.

Step 1


To begin your registration and application for your new MSP Debit Card you will need a form of ID. For more information please refer to the directions on the application.

Step 2

Easy Ways to Fund Your MSP Account

Direct Deposit from Your Settlement:

Provide your bank account route number to appropriate structured settlement broker.

BY Check:

If you receive your settlement payment by check, endorse the check or write a personal check and mail it to the following address: MSP Card, P.O. Box 55068, Little Rock, AR 72215


Use the Bridge Pointe Portal to fund your account. Log on to and click on Account Menu, then select “Make a Deposit”. For more information refer to the directions on the application form.

Step 3

Activating your MSP Debit Card

Once you receive your MSP Debit Card, follow the activation instructions on the card insert. Once your MSP Debit Card is activated, it is ready for immediate use.

For more information or if you have questions about your MSP Debit Card, please contact us.

DataPath Financial Services
PO Box 55068
Little Rock, AR 72204

  Features of your Bridge Pointe MSP Account

Welcome to your Bridge Pointe MSP Account and debit card. You now have access to discounts at nearly 65,000 pharmacies nationwide, as well as a MasterCard debit card for instant access to your money.

– Your account is FDIC insured and your card is backed by MasterCard with the same security features you have come to expect from any debit or credit card

- Online access to your Account information and customer support

– Anytime access to your money and competitive rate paid on deposits – All medical spending activity is available in your on-line portal

– Discounts on prescriptions at any participating pharmacy

What Our Clients Say

I would like to send this email as an appreciation and recognition to the professionalism and excellent customer service that Bridge Pointe provides. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. So thank you very much!

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