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If your client’s claim needs an injury-related forecast, but you are not ready for a Medicare Set-Aside in your settlement negotiations, the Medicare Cost Projector can meet your needs. Combining extensive historical allocation data with a constantly updating, artificial intelligence engine, Bridge Pointe can provide you with an estimate of Medicare-covered, future medical and prescription treatment costs in seconds.

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Provides a data-driven calculation
based on years of allocation experience
combined with predictive analytics.
Generates a fast calculation of Medicare- covered
future medical and prescription costs for most
common injuries, and can be adjusted for additional
injuries and co-morbid conditions.

Estimates at the Touch of a Button

Medicare Cost Projector provides an estimate of Medicare-covered future treatment costs at the touch of a button.

A Useful Tool for You and Your Clients


  • Assists in assessing the client’s claim value
  • Serves as a valuable negotiation tool in settlements
  • Provides information and insights in an easy-to-understand forecast
  • Offers flexible pricing that gives you the ability to select the best option for your client

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