You can do it all yourself. Or our team of experienced professionals can do it all for you.

How do you maximize settlement dollars — while still staying in full compliance with Medicare’s strict, complex, and often confusing regulations?

It’s simple. You get Opal.

Opal - Professional Administration

We jump through every hoop. You don’t lift a finger.

With Opal, you get full-service professional administration of your Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) account, the portion of your settlement ‘set-aside’ to pay for the future medical treatments, services, and prescriptions directly related to the injury. Our experienced specialists can help ensure all qualified expenses are paid correctly and on time, take care of the paperwork, and address any issues that may arise.

You remain in complete control. (After all, it is your money!) But our team of specialists can do it all, and help save you from hours of headaches.

Did You Know?

Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Asides (WCMSA), Liability Medicare Set-Asides (LMSA), and No-Fault Medicare Set-Asides (NFMSA) are all types of MSA arrangements.

Did You Know?

Money in your MSA account isn’t taxed. But any MSA money used for non-qualified expenses will be taxed, and also subjected to an additional 50% tax penalty.

Why do you need Opal?

You need to make your settlement dollars last for years to come. And everything must be administered perfectly.

Because once your MSA funds are gone (either temporarily or permanently), Medicare will begin paying for expenses only if you have maintained your eligibility and:

  • No headaches, our team will manage your MSA account properly
  • Worry free – we make sure that only qualified Medicare-allowable expenses are paid from the account
  • We retain the detailed receipts to validate all expenses and save you time by negotiating with your doctors and service providers to lower your bills
  • Relax while we submit the required reports of all expenditures to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) each year
  • It’s smooth sailing as our team makes sure you stay in full compliance with all of CMS’ complex rules and regulations

Opal provides you with our full team of experienced specialists, all dedicated to ensuring you won’t pay any overages or penalties, and safeguarding your future Medicare coverage.

A Concierge Service That Pays For Itself.

We roll out the red carpet for our Opal customers! Our team reviews qualified claims and payments, coordinates your Medicare, Medicaid, and private group insurances, and does the paperwork for you. And while that can help save you hours of headaches, that’s not nearly all you can save. Bridge Pointe’s partners utilize their nationwide network to negotiate lower prescriptions costs and provider deeper discounts on prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and supplies. Want to see what is covered, click here. It’s easy, just present your Opal card. Apply now to start saving, click here to apply for your free Opal Card.

Undeniable Savings – Our Partners utilize their nationwide network to negotiate deep savings on prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and supplies.  

What about expenses Medicare wouldn’t cover?

Many customers want to protect the settlement funds that will cover other future medical costs, too. That’s why we also offer the Medical Custodial Account (MCA). This type of account is designed to ensure that a separate portion of your settlement funds will be protected, and used only for non-Medicare-allowable medical expenses and anything else permitted by your settlement. Like an MSA, your MCA can eliminate the headaches of adjudicating and administering your medical claims. Again, our team of specialists can take care of everything. But with your MCA (unlike an MSA), you can also take distributions for living expenses whenever necessary, as allowed by your settlement.

Included with an MSA, an MCA, or both:

  • Complete claims adjudication & payments — we handle everything
  • Full accounting & documentation —with online payment tracking
  • You’re always in control — use any willing provider
  • Unlimited lifetime telephone and online live support — available in English and Spanish
  • Major savings* on prescriptions, medical equipment, and supplies — plus negotiated pricing with medical providers

An MCA can be used in conjunction with an MSA, or as a stand-alone account.

Did You Know?

With your MCA you can also take distributions for living expenses
whenever necessary, as allowed by your settlement.

Your Benefits

Lifetime Support

Small one-time fee gets you a team of specialists who can do it all — for life!

Undeniable Savings

Our Partners utilize their nationwide network to negotiate deep savings on prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and supplies. 

Full Accounting & Reporting

You’re in complete control. But we’ll do all the paperwork & correspondence.

What Our Customers Say

Quick Service

“Thank you for getting things done so quickly! I really appreciate it!”

– Claims Professional

Valuable Attention to Detail

“I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you have given and continue to give me on our files we have together. I appreciate especially your attention to detail and your availability to answer all my questions.”

– CA Attorney at Law

Knowledgeable and Patient Team

“I just wanted you to know that Bridge Pointe was EXTREMELY helpful on a very tricky case with a recalcitrant plaintiff. They did a wonderful job of explaining everything and helped in shutting it down to the benefit of all.”

– Attorney