Liability Conditional Payments & Lien Resolution

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Bridge Pointe provides a comprehensive solution by identifying the payments Medicare has made, handling all negotiations with Medicare’s contractor, and aggressively pursuing the best resolution for each case.

Our Conditional Payment and Lien Resolution team pinpoints and addresses all existing current conditional payments.

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We work with you to help resolve liens so your client is not impacted in the future, help reduce the possibility of

impending litigation and help you realize settlements without outstanding liens.


Injured worker with a neck brace and arm sling shakes hands with her lawyer.

Types of Liens

Medicare Parts A/B Medicare Parts C/D Medicaid Veterans Affairs Hospital

Our process includes:

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of all dates of service and diagnosis/CPT codes
  • Identifying all charges not related to the claim
  • Creating disputes and appeals addressing conditional payments identified, including any services unrelated to the covered injury, illness, or condition
  • Negotiating aggressively regarding all unrelated conditional payments
    identified through all levels of appeal until resolution
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