Self-Administration Support Services

Onyx is the Complete Package You Need to Self-Administer Your MSA


You’re ready to establish a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) account, the portion of your settlement ‘set-aside’ in a special account to pay only for the future medical treatments, services, and prescriptions directly related to the injury.

But you’re the hands-on type, and not ready to choose the full-service professional administration of your MSA. That’s why we offer Onyx Self-Administration Support Services.

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How Do I Know if Onyx is Right for Me?

We provide you with tools to help manage and prolong your funds and file annual reports to CMS. We’re just a phone call or email away if you have any questions along the way.

If you don’t manage your MSA account properly, or pay for non-allowable expenses from the account, you can face serious repercussions. You could be forced to pay back improperly spent funds and overages. What’s more, you could jeopardize your future benefits.

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How Does Onyx Help Me?

With Onyx, Bridge Pointe provides you with instructions, forms, and resources (including telephone support) to help you to stay in compliance with Medicare’s requirements and to help safeguard your Medicare coverage for your injury once the funds are gone.

With Onyx, you’ll receive a detailed resource manual containing necessary resources, forms, and instructions for how to:

  • Establish your MSA account in accordance with Medicare requirements
  • Determine which items and services are typically covered by Medicare
  • Communicate with providers about services payable from your MSA
  • Identify Medicare-approved maximum rates for services
  • Use the correct fee schedule for your bills
  • Submit accounting/attestation forms to Medicare annually
  • Communicate with Medicare when your MSA funds are temporarily (or permanently) depleted

With our Self-Administration Support Service, you also get access to the Onyx card, which gives you everything you need to self-administer your healthcare expenses. The card helps you manage your MSA funds, offers discounts on prescriptions and medical equipment, and provides access to statements of payments made to aid in reporting. Apply now to start saving.

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What Benefits Do I Receive?

Preserve Your MSA Funds
Bridge Pointe works with providers to deliver significant discounts at your local pharmacy (or through mail order) which includes discounts and savings on medical equipment and supplies.

Receive Support from our Knowledgeable Team
A small one-time fee provides unlimited guidance and telephone and online support — for the life of the MSA account.

Utilize Valuable Reporting Tools
Get everything you need to self-administer your Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) account — including important notifications of any changes to requirements, and annual reminders to submit reports. With Onyx, online payment tracking, reporting, and access to your MSA funds are all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which makes it easier to retain detailed receipts and submit the required reports to Medicare each year.