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Let Our Experienced Team Administer Your MSA With Opal


How do you maximize settlement dollars, while still staying in compliance with settlement requirements and/or Medicare’s strict, complex, and often confusing regulations?

It’s simple – get Opal professional administration services and let us handle the details for you.

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How Do I Know if Opal is Right for Me?

We create a personal connection with our members and take care of the details for them, so they can focus on other priorities.

The Bridge Pointe team provides full-service professional administration of your Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) or Medical Custodial Account (MCA), reviews qualified claims and payments, communicates with Medicare as needed, and does the paperwork for you. While that can help save you hours of effort, that’s not nearly all you can save. Through Bridge Pointe’s nationwide partner network, you can obtain lower prescriptions costs, receive discounts on durable medical equipment and supplies, and lower treatment costs with fee scheduling and negotiation.

How Does Opal Help Me?

With Opal, you get full-service professional administration of your MSA or MCA, the portion of your settlement ‘set-aside’ to pay for the future medical treatments, services, and prescriptions directly related to your injury. Our experienced specialists can help confirm all qualified expenses are paid correctly and on time, take care of the paperwork, and address other issues that may arise – all with the goal of eliminating any overages and penalties and safeguarding your funds.

Our experienced team:

  • Provides proper management of your MSA or MCA
  • Pays only qualified, allowable expenses from the account (based on Medicare guidelines or your settlement agreement)
  • Retains detailed receipts to validate all expenses
  • Negotiates with your doctors and service providers to lower your bills
  • Submits required reports of all expenditures to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) annually (as applicable)
  • Maintains full compliance with all of CMS’ complex rules and regulations for MSAs
  • Offers customized Custodial Agreements that best fit your medical needs

What Benefits Do I Receive?

Support from Our Specialists
A one-time fee gets you a team of specialists who can handle it all — for life.

Undeniable Savings
We utilize our partner’s nationwide network for savings on prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and supplies.

Accounting and Reporting
It’s your money, but we work together to prepare paperwork and reporting, and to protect and preserve your funds.