Bridge the Gap with Structured Settlements

A structured settlement can help bridge the gap from settlement authority to claimant’s demand.

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As an alternative to a lump sum settlement payment to claimants/plaintiffs, structured settlements utilize specialized annuities to deliver injured parties a secure future stream of payments. Structured settlements are widely used to fund settlements in liability, personal injury, wrongful death, and workers’ compensation claims, including indemnity and wage loss, to provide periodic
payments to injured parties. In addition, annuities can also be used to fund non-Medicare covered expenses (such as home healthcare and transportation costs).


Structured settlement are offered through A-rated (or higher) life companies and can be the key to bridging the gap and reaching settlement. 

How Can Structured Settlement Annuities Help You?

A structured settlement can help bridge the gap from settlement authority to claimant’s demand. For injured individuals, a structured settlement provides a tax-free investment that can be customized to optimize their medical and financial needs. We can also provide the same benefits by structuring all, or a portion of, your attorney’s fees. 

Each case is unique. Our team is here to assist you from the initial
negotiation phase through settlement approval and administration. We
have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right products
and plans to achieve a final resolution of your claim.

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